Friday, June 17, 2016

POLITICS 2016 -- 1

+ 6/17/16 + With Hillary Clinton’s negative approval rating, the GOP had an excellent chance to win the White House this year. But the GOP is imploding. Their base is now Far Right and they have given us Donald Trump. The Democrats, therefore, have an excellent chance not only to keep the White House for another 4 years but also to take back the Senate and maybe even the House of Representatives.

The election is still a long way off and it is possible that Donald Trump will become less objectionable than he is now to the electorate.  But, as of now, it looks like Democratic candidates will find the wind  at their back.  Nevertheless, it is still indeed possible that the electorate could elect a President and a congress far more authoritarian and oppressive than anything we have seen in recent years.

The polls are encouraging for the Democrats right now.  President Obama has become more popular, even having a favorable approval rating exceeding 50 per cent.  The Democratic party is seen more favorably than the Republican party by a substantial margin.  One recent poll shows Hillary Clinton with a double digit lead.

I disagree with Hillary Clinton on many issues but I do not believe she would lead us into the chaos Donald Trump would create.  We need to change a lot of things here in the USA and Hillary Clinton is not one to change us all that much. But the changes Donald Trump and a GOP congress would give us would be very destructive. I hope we don’t give them that opportunity.

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