Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The New Church for the New Age is here now. It is the main vehicle for many of us as we continue to travel on this amazing journey. The New Church for the New Age is manifested whenever and wherever the vision of abundance, joy, wisdom, beauty, love, truth, peace, justice and freedom is cherished, advocated and advanced.

Church is a good thing. It is simply people called by God to create a heavenly realm of love. The church has a long history and it’s not always about loving one another. So, we need to see the church change from a closed, hierarchical, controlling institution to an open, non-hierarchical, creative, dynamic, community of love.

One of the great slogans of one historical movement of Christians who have made significant changes, the Presbyterians, was and is: “Reformed and Always Being Reformed.” The church needs to embrace change and also embrace tradition. This is God’s will. Tradition simply for the sake of tradition is not God’s will. Neither is change simply for the sake of change. A dynamic discernment process is always necessary. It is clear to many of us that change is essential. The church simply is not doing enough to bring the heavenly realm of love to the planet because the church is stuck with too many beliefs and practices which are simply not effective and not God’s will. But there are enough exceptions to this now to give us plenty of hope.

The New Church for the New Age is always non-hierarchical. It simply does not allow any kind of plutocracy to rule. It is true democracy. The true church empowers people to fully involved. Creativity always happens when more and more people are fully engaged in this process.

Education is always a high priority in the New Church for the New Age ... not just a technical education but a truly wholistic education. In this kind of education, we are all teachers and we are all learners. We all have much to teach others. We all have much to learn from others. In humility, we need to honor every other person on the planet as a teacher we need to learn from. In humility, we all need to accept the responsibility and privilege to teach others from our experience and knowledge. We all have wisdom to offer. Namaste.

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